Hari Om Parents,

Our next class is on May 18th, 2014. It is the day for the souvenir photo shoot. Please check the blog for updates on important events.

Please visit for events and other important information.


1. There must be one adult, preferably a parent or grandparent with each child.

2. Please take all toilet trained children to the bathroom before arriving to avoid disturbing the child during to class.

3. Do not bring in books or toys which will distract the child from the activity in the class.

4. Please arrive on time and put all cell phones on silent mode.

5. Once in class, keep the child on your lap or on the ground in front of you within arms length.

6. Please do not conduct side-bar conversations with other adults – whispered sidebar conversations with the child are acceptable. If the child starts talking about an unrelated topic, gently lead the discussion back to the activty.

7. We strongly believe in the vedantic principle that interactions with children below the age of five must be exclusively with love. We do not descipline the child and we urge you to follow the sme principle. Disruptive behavior is to be controlled by distraction or by providing the child with something more interesting to do.

8. Participate in all the activities requested by the Sevikas. This includes saying the Stotras, singing, performing the yoga poses and the actions for the action songs. Your child may not follow direction but will learn by watching and hearing you. They may not obey you but will imitate everything you do. 

9. Children at this age are not ready to sit for an extended period of time. If your child needs to leave the room for any reason or is feeling distracted or restless and is disturbing the other children, please take him or her out for a while and return once he calms down.  

10. Please do not do the craft activities on behalf of the child. Helping is acceptable but only if the child asks for it. Encourage independence.

11. After snack please ask the child to throw the garbage in the bin. After the class, remind the child that it will help the teacher if they fold the ground sheets and put it in the bag – and watch the pride on their faces because they are given this responsibility.

12. Enjoy the Sunday morning quality-time with your kid. It is a treat to watch you!

13. At home, please check the Blog and practice the stotras and songs. Encourage your child to tell other family members the stories they heard. 

13. We have a sign-up sheet for parents to bring a small juice pack and an individual packed nut-free, healthy snack for all children.

14. Reference: 'Parenting' ISBN: 81-7597-006-5

     And finally, please remember:
    Children are Lamps to be lit, not vessels to be filled.