Hari Om Parents,

Our next class is on May 18th, 2014. It is the day for the souvenir photo shoot. Please check the blog for updates on important events.

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May 4th, 2014 Class

Opening Stotra:
  • Namaskaram (bowing down)
  • Tree Pose
  • Lion Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Turtle pose
  • Butterfly pose
  • Bug pose
Om Sri Ganeshaya NamaH,  Sri Saraswathyai Namah,  Sri Sadgurubhyo Namah
  • vakra tunda mahakaya
  • saraswati namastubhyam
  • Gurur brahma GururVishnuh 

Geeta Chanting: Chapter 14, Verses 1 - 5

Bhajans :

Snack Time: Brahmaarpanam 

Today's snack was provided by Ruhi's family -  धन्यवादः (DhanyavaadaH)

Counting 1 - 15

Story:  Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Craft:   Golden Egg craft

Comments:  It was another great day at our BAlaVihar!  We started as we always do with our opening prayer and yoga. Then we revisited our old shlokas adding Gurur brahma this time around. We chanted the  Geeta together as a group and sang our favorite bhajans. All too soon it was snack time and we all said brahmArpanam and thanked Ruhi's family for the yummy snack and had snack time. After snack time, we counted 1 - 15 in English and Sanskrit, which the children are now completely familiar with and enjoy doing. The colors book was read next, with the kids getting to be experts at this point! In our story time, we listened to the story of the greedy farmer who had a goose that laid a golden egg every day. He tried to get all the eggs at once, and ended up losing everything! We colored and decorated "golden" eggs for craft.  We sang Arati, said our concluding prayers and ended yet another joyful session. Our next class will be on May 18th. It is the day of photo shoot for the sovenir, so please dress in bright Indian clothes for the occasion!